Autograph 8-sided EN


Item number: 10040001-20

Autograph 8-sided English



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Autograph 8-sided English

Facsimile of one of the original manuscripts of Franz Xaver Gruber (the original is exhibited in the Carolino Augusteum museum in Salzburg)

- Original musical notation and lyrics of "Silent Night!, Holy Night!"
- Original manuscript of the "Authentische Veranlassung" where Gruber discribe the development history of the song
- Lyrics of all 6 verses in block letters English
- Developement history in block letters English
- Floor plan of the St. Nikola Church layed over the floor plan of the Silent-Night-Chapel

Length unfolded: 59,4 cm

Length folded: 14,9 cm

Height: 21 cm


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